Ali MuldrowAli Muldrow – Racial Justice Youth Organizer

Ali Muldrow is a parent, partner, writer, instructor, advocate, and doula. She began her work in education in 2006 when she became the after school spoken word club liaison for the East High School in partnership with UW-Madison’s First Wave program. Ali played a key role in creating Wisconsin’s first Spoken Word class; a class that allowed high school students to receive academic credit for their study of urban art forms. Ali facilitated the Spoken Word course for 4 years as an artist in residence at East High School in Madison, WI. Ali went on to partner with Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) to create and host spoken word clubs at 5 Madison public high schools. Ali is currently the Director of Youth Programming and Inclusion at GSAFE, where she has for the last three years authored the curriculum for and taught Foundations of Leadership, a course based in the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth of color that recruits high school students from the entire Madison public school district who are advanced learners in the areas of leadership. While working with GSAFE Ali has also paired over 70 students with mentors and hosted 2 annual LGBTQ+ Youth of Color Leadership Conferences as well as co-directed GSAFE’s Leadership Training Institute, a 4 day summer camp that gives students from all over Wisconsin the opportunity to develop their abilities as activist, allies, and creators of change. In the spring of 2015 Ali launched GSAFE’s New Narrative Project in the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center, a program that provides incarcerated young people with clear channels to academic success, civic engagement, and self-determination. Ali grew up in a multiracial family where identity was discussed at the dinner table and difference was celebrated. She is passionate about consent, freedom, learning and human rights. Ali is committed to bringing innovation and love to all that she does.

Brian Juchems – Senior Director of Education and Policy

Brian Juchems has worked with GSAFE since 2002 and has volunteer experience going back to 1998.  Currently he serves as our Sr. Director of Education and Policy, where he manages our educator training program and leads our policy work with school districts.  Prior to GSAFE, Brian J. served as Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s LGBT Campus Center and as Coordinator for a teen peer education program for Briarpatch Youth Services.  Brian J. is a graduate of Luther College.





Sawyer Johnson – Transgender Justice Program Coordinator

Sawyer Johnson is an educator and a Political Science graduate from the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. As a former GSA activist, Sawyer has an enduring place in their heart for young people doing such necessary work from such a place of love. Sawyer currently serves GSAFE as the Transgender Justice Program Coordinator, where they co-facilitate Foundations of Leadership, facilitate the GSAFE Youth Leadership Board, and strive to do so with grace and authenticity. Sawyer is also a published poet and likes nothing more than the woods and great big bodies of water.





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haruka-testimonial“The summer after my first year of high school I attended LTI, GSAFE’s camp for youth leaders. I hold those four days dear to my heart and firmly believe that they were instrumental in transforming my life.” – Haruka, Former GSAFE Youth Activist