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EdmondsRamirezFamily255x170Families play a critical role in creating schools that support and nurture LGBTQ youth.  GSAFE works in collaboration with the parents and family members of LGBTQ youth to learn how to better understand the needs of their children, create an inclusive, supportive family environment, and be an advocate in their child’s schools if issues (such as bullying) arise.

Unfortunately, youth who are targets of anti-LGBT bullying and gender harassment – regardless of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity – often are at greater risk for negative physical, mental, and academic outcomes.  Check out our resources on supporting your LGBTQ child, addressing bullying, and filing a discrimination complaint.

PFLAG is a national organization with local chapters that has been providing support to families of LGBTQ youth for many years.  Visit their page here to find a chapter near you.

Gender Spectrum is a California-based organization that provides training and resources to families of transgender and gender expansive children.  Check out their resources for families here.

The Family Acceptance Project provides an evidence-based family model of wellness, prevention and care to strengthen families and promote positive development and healthy futures for LGBT children and youth.  Their research works to help diverse families learn to love and accept their LGBT children.  View their website here.

For more local Wisconsin resources, visit our links page here.


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“Without the knowledge, resources, and extra effort of GSAFE, I have no question that we would not have a Gay-Straight Alliance in our school.” – David Witte, Middle School Principal